Toile' Farms specializes in Section B Welsh ponies and Half-Welsh ponies. Our foundation stock for the Section B ponies are all imported and chosen from various farms in Wales (Telynau, Soudley and Moelgarnedd) for breeding with the exception of one special gelding, Farmore Royal Charmer purchased from Tammy Burgin in the U.S.

Our Half-Welsh stock comes from an Arabian-Welsh mare and a Quarter pony.

Toile' Farms has exceptionally people friendly ponies. Ponies are handled several times on a daily basis producing the friendliest ponies around. Ponies are child friendly. General handling and training to develop people friendly ponies is available at Toile' Farms.

Toile Farms is dedicated to producing ponies suitable for all ages. Offering ponies that will be stars in both welsh and hunter venues. In the summers, we offer a pony camp for kids wanting to get their foot in the equestrian door.

Toile' Farms, located in Davis, California, began as an environment in which people dealing with psychological and emotional difficulties used ponies to assist them in working on their issues. This type of work is called Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (that is the psychotherapy is for the human, not the pony).

Iwana Miracle, "Mira", was one of the first ponies to be used in this program (Pony Talk) at Toile' Farms, proved to be a success. Welsh and Half Welsh ponies at Toile' Farms are used for this type of work because of their good nature, temperament and versatility.

Mira's success in the Pony Talk Program not only proved to be an asset in working with people and their psychological issues, but also in the show ring. In the first year, she won the National High Point Award in both Adult English Pleasure Half Welsh and was third in the nation for the National High Point Western Pleasure Half Welsh. Mira's success continued and influenced Toile' Farms to become involved in the breeding and sales of Section B and Half Welsh Ponies.

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