Moelgarnedd Darlun
After winning the Green Pony Division week 2 of The Oaks show
Darlun was sold to the Frey family of Los Angeles, Ca.
Under the careful eye of Erin Duffey, Darlun won the last leg of pony finals,
the ponies jumping ability, which composes the most of pony finals (50 points).
"Just Darlun" pulled a third against eleven other small ponies in the composite
score of 11 ponies. Darlun's new owner, Ella Frey, is an 8 year old rider
that had to compete with up to 12 year old riders and their ponies.
Congratulations to Darlun and her new owner.

As of April 2010, Darlun has qualified for the National Pony Finals
to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky in August of 2010.


Darlun won the Hunter Divison at Historic Nelson Ranch (proceeds from this show went to breast cancer research).
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